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Easton Reynolds - Founder
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Easton Reynolds is the Founder of The Art of Six Figures, a business-changing marketing education platform for photographers. In 2012, Easton joined his wife in her New Jersey-based photography business, LuRey Photography, and immediately began putting his business background to use. LuRey Photography achieved 6 figures in its second year in business. 

Over the past 6 years, Easton has used marketing prowess for his own photography business, and in 2017, he launched The Art of Six Figures Facebook Ads course, through which he has helped hundreds of photographers around the world.

Easton has been seen on the stage as a keynote speaker at Inspire, and has taught classes for PPA in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. He has also taught at WPPI 2017, 2018, and he’s been featured in RangeFinder, Shutter Magazine, SLR Lounge and many more. Named a top 100 wedding photographer by both SLR Lounge and Brandsmash, Easton is sponsored by B&H Photo and MagMod. 

One of Easton’s most notable recent accomplishments was being added to the board of advisors for a 100 Million-Dollar Investment Fund.

In addition to working with photographers, Easton also works with small businesses outside the photography industry to provide coaching and Done For You marketing services.
Erin Hernandez-Reisner - Success Coach, Content Creator
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Erin Hernandez-Reisner has owned a full service studio, Photos Edge, in Kansas City since 2007. Before that she Earned a BFA in Photography and minor in Art History, and went on to study Marketing as well. 

Erin's accomplishments include being the creative director and head photographer for Ever After Bride magazine, her images have been featured on the cover of over 30 magazines, and has art archived with the National Library of Congress. 

Erin has been educating and inspiring photographers with her original content and candid voice since 2014.

Erin joined our team in 2018 is the mastermind behind our Photographer's Guide To Anti-Selling Course, A revolutionary way for photographers to do IPS without the emotional manipulation or ever coming off like a sales person! 

Beau Ridge - Co-Founder
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Beau Ridge is one of the business masterminds behind several well known brands, including The Art of Six Figures. Coming from business and marketing, Beau was able to take his businesses from almost nothing to seven figures in six years and his studios boasts an impressive team of full-time employees, well over 100 weddings per year, four individual brands, publication in Vogue, and commercial work for the likes of Hard Rock and Forever 21. 

As the man behind the scenes, Beau credits his success to exceptional time management skills, prudence, professional habits, and technical aptitude, and while is education was in Psychology and Marketing, the foundation of excellence he has built is due to street smarts, determination, and dedication.

Beau has been spotted on South Jersey’s Top 40 Under 40 list and is recognized for his 90 Second Off Camera Flash workshops and no nonsense business coaching. As his role as Co-Founder of The Art of Six Figures, Beau has helped create the business-changing marketing education that is growing like wildfire.
Andy Lydick - Success Coach, Content Creator
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Andy is the Co-Owner of Abigail Gingerale Photography and one of our first success stories. After going through our Facebook Ads Marketing System, Andy was able to triple his income.

In 2017 Andy joined our team and currently oversees all new member on-boarding.

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